My U.S. Passport
How may I help?

I lived on different continents, worked in different languages,
learned to respect my own and others' cultures.
I learned some
elements of
flexibility, adaptability, and patience.  I would enjoy
sharing essential lessons with you. As a mediator, I am committed
to a standard of ethics that invites me to meet the highest
standards of transparency and informed consent, step by step.

I offer project management
, including communications, social
networking, and fundraising. I hope to work with political, secular
and faith
educational, service, and civic action organizations.
Though I do human rights and community mediation pro bono, I do
seek income from this professional service to others who can
afford to pay.
Please telephone, email, fax, or write to: Mr. Michael Benefiel,
Advisor, Persuasive Information.

Telephone +1 (301) 929-5252 -- Eastern U.S. time zone
Fax +1 (301) 929-8481 -- 24/7
Write: Persuasive Information, 3005 Ferndale St., Kensington, MD
20895 U.S.A.

y network includes U.S. diplomats, faith organizations and
, and a variety of mediations, lawyers, teachers, elected
scholars, writers, and artists.
Persuasive messaging
Public relations
Event planning and production
International communications