About Our Business

After leaving the U.S. diplomatic corps in 2000, I returned to school
in order to become a highly qualified teacher.

My vision is to connect my life experiences with languages,
communication, media, and negotiation with a need for expansion
and improvement of global studies and service learning.

Persuasive Information began in 2000. This is a sole
proprietorship registered in Maryland.

My educational qualifications include public high school in
California, Stanford University degree in history, Waseda University
coursework in Japanese language and literature, George
Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human
Development degree in Secondary Education.

My work experience includes 27 years of public service for the
United States of America. I served in Washington, D.C., in Stuttgart,
Germany, in Tokyo, Japan, in New Delhi, India, and in Tel Aviv,
Israel. In addition to extensive business consulting and economic
advocacy, I did consular work and a range of public advocacy and
communications throughout my career.
About Us